Overnight Trip Notification

An overnight trip within the continental U.S. requires notification to the Board of Directors via the form below and should be completed as early as possible. All travel outside the continental U.S. requires Board approval and should be requested via the form below as well. Please submit the request at least four weeks prior to your planned departure.

There is a minimum charge for an overnight trip of one hour for each weekday and/or weekend day a club aircraft is away from KFWA. This is not an additional charge. You will be billed based on the actual hours flown or the minimum hours, whichever is greater.

Please see the Operations Policy for minimum billable hours and additional requirements for overnight or outside the U.S. travel. Contact the Board of Directors with any questions.

Please note that your submission will be sent to the Board of Directors. See Terms of Use for data handling policies.

GPS Update Selection Note: Review the dates you will be traveling and contact the Maintenance Officer for a GPS update card, if necessary. These cards are available 10 days prior to their effective date, so please make arrangements as early as possible.

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