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The Back 40 Flying Club offer the best value in the greater Fort Wayne area, both in terms of cost and convenience. We are the next best thing to owning your own aircraft. Our aiircraft. Our aircraft are routinely updated with new interiors, exterior maintenance, and new engines. Our budgeting model factors in upgrades, so we do not ask members to fund these improvements.

Cost Details

Monthly and One Time Costs

Monthly dues cover your share of hanger rent, a one million dollar liability insurance policy, full hull insurance, GPS database updates, electronic VFR/IFR chart subscriptions, and other fixed costs to the club.

Monthly dues: $85
Deposit: $600 one time. Refundable upon leaving the club.

Hourly Costs

Hourly rates for all aircraft include fuel and oil costs and are based on tachometer time for the Piper Archer III and Cessna 172, not Hobbs, which is typical for aircraft rentals. This represents a significant savings when compared to Hobbs time and is typically a major determining factor for those interested in joining the club. The Vans RV-12’s hourly rate is based on Hobbs, but has a lower hourly rate. Rates can be found on each aircraft’s page and may change based on the cost of fuel.

Should you have any questions about Club rates or fixed costs, please let us know. We would be glad to answer anything you have.

How to Join

Step 1: Complete the following forms:

Step 2: Submit copies of the following:

  • Driver’s License
  • Pilot Certificate
  • Medical Certificate
  • First Page of Logbook
  • Current Status Endorsement Pages of Logbook

Step 3: Meet with the Membership Committee Chairperson

If you have any questions about the process, or need assistance, please contact our Membership Committee Chairperson, Jim Richardson via the contact us page.

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