Club Details


The Back 40 Flying Club is a not-for-profit IRS 501(c) (7) organization that is based at the Fort Wayne International Airport. We have access to six runways, four precision instrument approaches, and all the safety margins one can expect from a large airport. KFWA is small enough to make talking with air traffic control an easy and friendly experience.

Aircraft Availability and Scheduling

The Back Forty Flying club utilizes an online scheduler to make reserving the aircraft simple. We have a low member to aircraft ratio making for excellent availability. Just log on, make your schedule, and head for the airport. Telephone scheduling is also available for occasions when you do not have internet access. We use Fort Wayne Aero Center for our line and FBO services, and their euxtended hours make aircraft access extremely convenient, whether planned in advance or for a last minute flight. 

Long cross country flights are in your reach as well. Members have flown to New England, Florida, Canada, and Alaska to just name a few. We have extremely low daily minimums on overnight flights and fuel purchases off base are fully reimbursed.


Both planes are based at Hanger 2040, which has easy access from Airport Expressway, just to the north of the Aero Center. Vehicle parking is available right at the hanger as well. Members get their own keys to access the aircraft and hangar. The hangar is heated during the winter, and has restrooms. Fort Wayne Aero Center provides excellent line service which includes aircraft fueling, towing and their facilities are available for Club use. For added convenience, the plane can be towed right in front of Aero Center’s main building, which provides a very nice atmosphere for any waiting passengers.


We have access to on-field maintenance, meaning minimum downtime in the event of scheduled or unexpected repairs. We have a dedicated Maintenance Officer position, and those holding that position have proven themselves experienced and reliable. We also utilize a squawk system that makes all members aware of recent maintenance, and allows for easy reporting of new issues.

Flight Instruction

Back 40 members may use any single engine land CFI for an initial checkout and recurring training. Members are responsible for ensuring all club policies are followed. Contact us to learn more about the flight instructors available and training opportunities. We are here to help you achieve your flying goals.

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